Logic Studio 9 HipRocker Productions New Musica Mix 1080 HD

Ya’ll thought I was away for a while, but I’m just getting started! If you thought the music I made before was banging smh…You haven’t heard anything yet!!…

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6 Responses to Logic Studio 9 HipRocker Productions New Musica Mix 1080 HD

  1. StylezT10 says:

    Nice Work Reminds Me Of Some Classic Jazz In A Restarunt In The Beggin
    Until 00:33 Hearing The Old Country Banjo Sound Like Blues Brothers Beat To
    It Nice Work Overall.

  2. Q. Moore says:

    @kievon what’s good fam! And I’m glad you like the new tracks mane! And the
    one with the chick singing, the language is actually Irish, i don’t know
    which but on Logic they have some irish type pf singing, and if I knew my
    Irish side of my heritage then I might be able to understand what she is
    saying, but for the time being I just like the way old girl sings in Irish
    Frost lol.

  3. kievon says:

    Whussp!!! Whhussp!! The Track starting at 8:30 is my favortie but al of
    them were bangin and original, like the one with the lady (HEY… LA LA
    HEY!) Bangin!

  4. Q. Moore says:

    @UnderGroundArsonizt shoot as soon as I figure out or I might ask ya on how
    to screencast a track trust me I will! And yea mane I was having madddddd
    fun, Dreams Differ, and some of the others without the tags they are still
    being worked on! But the others with the tags all done! Logic is a blessing
    to use, it reminds me of FL Studio which is how a brotha got dooowwnnnn on
    the beats lol.

  5. AnimeBeatMaker||xUnderGroundΛrsoniztx says:

    flippin beast! quality is insane! ayo screencast a track sometime =] the
    track 6 and 7 is so chill. Man i could tell you were having fun with logic

  6. Q. Moore says:

    Listen to this in 1080 HD!!! Its wayyyy more beast then 360!!!

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