How to use Soundd Zone drum loops

kjeih explain whats program works.

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  1. Johnny Reckley says:

    Well Done! Same feature is in X but it is designed with Folders and jumping
    to Markers. Also you can jump to Scenes with Maschine if you would like

  2. Ksoundd says:

    tab feature is dope yes indeed

  3. John Mike says:

    That tabbed feature in reaper is dope….I wish they would put that in X!!
    I might just have to make reaper my “Sunday DAW” just for that feature!

  4. Ksoundd says:

    Thanks man

  5. Ksoundd says:

    Thank you much my friend

  6. BuddyGreenfield says:

    Nice vid – Thanks.

  7. Wendell Lewis says:

    Congrats on the new site!!!

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