Tips ‘N Tricks Thursdays Episode #3 – How To – Logic Pro: Capture Record

Hey everyone, In this TnTT video we will discuss the Capture Record tool in logic and how it can save you time!!!

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22 Responses to Tips ‘N Tricks Thursdays Episode #3 – How To – Logic Pro: Capture Record

  1. imamusicmogul says:

    are you talking about the virtual keyboard?? Just hit Caps Lock.

  2. Jonathan Speciale says:

    How do I get the gray box that’s on the screen to apear I had it but now
    can’t find it

  3. gjfanatique says:

    Fantastic videos! Thank you! Will Capture Record work with audio recording?

  4. azaz z says:

    this is immense for buzz live style , boooooooom

  5. ivan ortiz says:

    Thanks For the TIPS bro!!!!!!

  6. TandPCommunity says:

    The problem I am having is that when i click on the Capture Recording
    button on transport bar it keeps putting everything I’ve played on top of
    each other rather than in the pattern that I played it in. A few ppl
    suggested it is a Quantize setting that’s causing this but from what I can
    tell all Quantize is off. Any help to fix this problem is greatly

  7. kaymo13 says:

    amazing! thank you :)

  8. converge121 says:

    Can you capture record for audio wavs also?

  9. TallBoy says:

    omg thank you sooooo much i fucking subbed

  10. imamusicmogul says:

    @corporatethief I know… It is such an amazing tool!!!!!

  11. The Corporatethief Beats says:

    that is so fucking help full man your a legend i never learned how to do

  12. mrtechno2u says:

    very handy tip dude….thank you :)

  13. imamusicmogul says:

    @MrTBmusic you got it!!! Will try it get it out soon…. Maybe next weeks
    Tips & Tricks Thursdays Episode?? Keep checking back to see…

  14. MrTBmusic says:

    @imamusicmogul Yes. Id be very happy, if you could do a tutorial on that :)

  15. B.J. Faulkner says:

    wooooooow…..that’s almost like the “Skip-Back sampling” feature on the
    Roland “Fantom” series workstations. This feature is gonna be a big
    help…..thank you.

  16. Deryk Moates says:

    Now these are the tips we need. I didn’t even know of this feature, I’m
    mainly a pro tools user. But i also have logic i might start using this.
    Thanks alot.

  17. Morris Kramer says:

    Nice tip!

  18. TheMicDaddy says:

    Awesome tip! I love Logic for composing, and you just increased
    productivity 10fold for me… like others have said, too many times I’ve
    been jamming only to end the session wishing I’d have hit record…then go
    back and record with deer in the headlights look.. Thanks Adam!! Keep
    bringing us the Knowledge

  19. Zombiebrainstew says:

    Thanks a lot man!!! I remember reading about this feature long before I
    bought logic but forget about it. I know exactly what you meaning about
    jamming along and being more creative, then you hit record and you just sit
    there, it never sounds perfect unless I’m totally zoned into the music.
    This will help crazy tho thx!!

  20. ChrisMusicMaker says:

    wow..that’s cool :)

  21. imamusicmogul says:

    @MrTBmusic do you mean you want to automate the tempo so you can have
    different tempos under one sessions???

  22. MrTBmusic says:

    How do u change the tempo of a track, With out changing the tempo of the
    whole project ?

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