ScoreCloud Studio – Easy notation for everyone It’s never been easier to write and arrange music. Just start playing! Insert titles, add lyrics and chords, and create a soundtrack wi…

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9 Responses to ScoreCloud Studio – Easy notation for everyone

  1. DavidMillerTV says:

    This is Really Quite Cool!
    ScoreCloud is an app that lets you write music notation by simply singing
    or playing #WOW

  2. Pat Allen says:

    I just love this app! As someone with no music background, this just
    thrills me. Thanks!

  3. Brickphreak says:

    Can you just play a song on Youtube or something and Scorecloud will just
    add the notations?

  4. Luis M.Z says:

    could not connect due a network problem como resolvo isso?????????

  5. 陳小巧 says:

    wow , It’s amazing. It’s so cool.

  6. Ginna Watson says:

    With this app, my violin class students can record their songs directly
    into notation so we can all play them together!

  7. carol lodge says:

    Does this work as well with a microhone?
    If so what type of mic. do you recommend?

  8. arebot84 says:

    i want this application.
    please made it available for android. 

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