Tutorial KYGO Tropical House Ableton Live Style Matoma Thomas Jack Basic Remake

Quick Session: Remake Tutorial Tropical House Kygo Matoma Thomas Jack – Basic remake how to make Kygo sound Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/productionmusiclive lazy or …

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17 Responses to Tutorial KYGO Tropical House Ableton Live Style Matoma Thomas Jack Basic Remake

  1. aj Weigand says:

    Good tut! especially the pad. One thing though, I really feel like the
    toms/bongos are huge in creating the tropical vibe. I’d really be
    interested in perhaps your take on how those are mixed and EQ’d!

  2. Pajerro says:

    bist du deutscher? :D

  3. Cargo says:

    pls give the preset for the chord plucks :)

  4. enrique chagoya says:

    hey!! can you show how to make something like this

  5. Stan McDowall says:

    Do you have the preset for the plucking sound? Im trying to replicate what
    you have but dam its hard

  6. DJ DAPA says:

    Ich denke, er ist deutsch :D

  7. Vincent Hagg Davies says:

    I’m thinking of buying a daw as I want to start producing I know I won’t be
    luck straight away it’s hard but what daw do you recommend and are there
    like any online courses you would recommend as well

  8. Wesley McBain says:

    This is really great that you were actually able to replicate that track
    using just massive and ableton stock devices…Well done man:)

  9. dariel as says:


    LOVE IT d*.*b

  10. RUCAOFFICIAL says:

    Where can you find the massive pack ?

  11. Chill State says:

    dude… you really call this “house”? really..?

  12. MizkeyVFX says:

    would love if u did something like this in fl or logic..

  13. Amy Bertram says:

    Super helpful!

  14. The Twinz says:

    Need that presets dude !

  15. Dyken - S.M. says:

    the name of the plugin for sax?

  16. Alex Smith says:

    I appreciate you sticking with Ableton instruments (and Massive) so we
    don’t have to have expensive VST’s to follow what you do. Very nice –

  17. Tag4rce7 says:

    Are you french ? Or german ? Me i’m french and it is very rare to find
    people who are not only speaking english.

    Au revoir !

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