Propellerhead Reason 5 Tutorials 2

This is Part 2 of Reason 5 Propellerhead Tutorial Producing Sloppy Beats. What up doe Fam? I have a new session for you guys with some real valuable and insightful beat making information….

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25 Responses to Propellerhead Reason 5 Tutorials 2

  1. R4wwkit says:

    I’m a Dj/Producer and I find this tutorial very informational. Thanks fam

  2. TodaysbeatsTV says:

    @sjiekesjit I combine so the learners can see the chords and keys played so
    they can repeat, remix or whatever ……

  3. Cas Cassette says:

    One question man: why you keep combining every device in?? Thanks for the

  4. prevozac000 says:

    Oh that’s cool man!! I dig your stuff I’ve seen on your vids!! Keep tearing
    it up!!!

  5. Maxwell Kadzashie says:

    if u dont feel this beat men u crazy woo i use reason reason how can i make
    my sounds or beat sound more pro like

  6. keepitkeefy420 says:

    is there a way you can copy i song you made into itunes?

  7. Derius Williams says:

    Man I really appriciate u hittin me back. U got a fan for life now and i’m
    lovin the beats.

  8. SWOOP ED says:

    “man up nigga remember” LMFAO

  9. Yinowut says:

    “Decorate the rythm”… simple, yet profound. Thank’s for the ammo.

  10. kyleb2007 says:

    very good tutorial. i am a trained musician so playing sloppy is not my
    forte. you seem to do a real good job of it. thanks for the tips…..

  11. xhatchetgirlx says:

    Thank you!

  12. soundmal says:

    much respect from Bulgaria east europe…

  13. Laserturret says:

    Just want to say a massive thankyou for sharing your wisdom with us bro.
    You have just earned yourself a disciple. Its great to see some hiphop
    knowledge on Reason 5. Love your energy and humour! All power to you man.

  14. Konchus Nando says:

    i actually stopped watchin the video at about 2 minutes into it but i kept
    it rockin just to hear where u was goin wit it…beat came out wavy

  15. TodaysbeatsTV says:

    @Remarkable252 All you have to do is find the sound or sound folder you
    want and drag and drop it over there…..

  16. twinnsoniq says:

    This is HOT!

  17. Remarkable252 says:

    Yo! Tee how u get all your stuff in side reason like that @ 14:50

  18. TodaysbeatsTV says:

    @Benill03 I think so, if not I will include it no problem….

  19. TodaysbeatsTV says:

    @ephraze I will re-upload Volume 22 and Beat Essentials is separate

  20. habenod says:

    This sounds like some wu tang RZA shit right here T u a monster!

  21. ephraze says:

    Whaddup Tizzle? once again, great friggin excellent information. I want you
    to know how much you’ve helped me with my ideas and song construction. You
    have just altered my thought/creation process before I even sit down to
    make a beat. Unfortunately my midi keyboard is on the fritz and I need a
    new computer, but I can’t let that stop me now. Can u reupload HHIS 22? If
    you become a VIP member do you get the same info as Beat essentials or is
    that a seperate product??

  22. fortgreene31 says:

    how to you record 18 min and change on youtube. I thought it only let you
    record for no more than 10 min. Well nice beat like always. Love your vids
    you make me laugh like martin peace

  23. Benill03 says:

    Another incredible session! Hey bra, is the web 2.0 tutorial included in
    the deal for $199. ?

  24. gmid24 says:

    was that a stock sound comin from the subtractor?

  25. P Kaos says:

    Yo Grand Tizzle just wondering if you ship your products to Australia and
    if so is the shipping cost more then stated on your site.

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