Logic Pro X – System Overload, Processing Threads, Freeze Mode

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9 Responses to Logic Pro X – System Overload, Processing Threads, Freeze Mode

  1. pouyapt says:

    Your tutorials are fantastic! It’s really amazing to see how people like
    you share knowledge with others for free. I really appreciate your hard

  2. Eric Smith says:

    Great info again!!! Thank you!!! :-)

  3. JOHNNY LEGION says:

    I never had this problem yet, but that is a nice heads up on the CPU usage!
    Dude you are awesome keep up the good work!

  4. jayxflash says:

    “Ride the buffer”: In Logic Pro X -> Preferences -> Audio… Start with I/O
    Buffer Size as low as possible (this will result in being able to play your
    instruments with a keyboard without delays). As you add more instruments
    you will eventually get a choppy sound, all you have to do is increase your
    I/O buffer until they sound good again. If you’re done playing with
    keyboard, you can set your I/O Buffer Size to the max, so you can get get
    the best out of your CPU.

  5. seotr says:


  6. rawstarmusic says:

    I use an old simple computer for Internet and because of that I use it for
    Logic a lot because it’s on. An occasional system overload doesn’t bother
    me that much but it would help if I could ask logic, which tracks are
    draining my resources in %? Then freeze and temporarily bounce these as
    audio with FX. Some processes take a lot more CPU than others like an open
    EQ with analyze active. It’s heavy calculations going on continuously.

  7. LEDBOO says:

    Wow. Thank you for this tutorial. Never knew this. Keep them coming.

  8. jaysmindmovies says:

    Thank you for this. It makes mixing so much more efficient. Right on time

    Peace & Love

  9. Dan Beebee says:

    Great video! Can you please make a tutorial showing us how to install
    plug-ins into Logic Pro X? Some I’ve found are easy and some more
    difficult. Also touch on your top 5 or top 10 including where we can
    purchase them from: Waves etc. I’ve learnt so much form your tutorials and
    watched every one. Keep ‘em comin’!! :-)

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